Ithell COLQUHOUN The daughter of a civil servant in India, Margaret Ithell Colquhoun was born in Shillong, Assam on 9 October , but was. In the foreword to Ithell Colquhoun’s strange alchemical novella Goose of Hermogenes, Peter Owen paints a vivid picture of the writer and artist. The following text is adapted from the writings of Richard Shillitoe, whose biographical and bibliographical work on Ithell Colquhoun pretty much make him the.

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Given that the belief in magnetic earth currents was not a widely accepted feature of British esoteric culture for over another two decades, this painting alone demonstrates the degree to which Colquhoun was ahead of her time in synthesizing diverse strands of occult belief.

In her deck one does not require images to create stories—the colours alone provide the necessary psychic link and shape the narrative for the reader.

It remains unclear to what degree this order was established in its initiatory process, but it is very clear from her notes and the art work which remains in her archives that she was working on Second Order-level Golden Dawn material Colquhoun, Ithrll drawings and diagrams ss.

The Spanish painter had termed this approach his ‘paranoiac-critical method’, by which two or more independent images were simultaneously discernible within the same forms. There might be an indica- tion that Colquhoun believed sacred sites to also be dimensional portals, as some of the colour sketches she did of the Merry Maidens and the Men an Tol—an unusual stone site in West Cornwall—show the sites as existing in a cubic space with a similar colour scheme to the tesseracts that were a persistent source of interest.

To this well known source may be added the myth of Scylla the daughter of King Nisus of Megara, who, for the love of the invading King Minos, pulled the hair from her father’s head which protected his life. You might like Left Right.


Surrealism helped her make connections between all these aspects and to question conventional cultural and biological relationships between male and female. She was prolific with just about everything she did.

Ithell Colquhoun

She had considerable powers of imagination, a strong sense of colour and a natural drawing ability. To find out more read our updated Use of Cookies policy and our updated Co,quhoun policy. Colqquhoun worked the same way, but she frequently would use as her starting point colours from a palette with specific magical associations or a text which already had some sort of personal esoteric meaning to her, and would be useful for further contemplation for invocation.

Sadly, many of these had little commercial value for the time, and some of these projects would have simply been too radical for public consumption. Colquhoun’s early works included a series of enlarged images of flora, occupying the full canvas and painted almost photographically.

Venues View all Britain’s Contribution to Surrealism in the 30s and 40sexh. By the late s, however, Ithell progressed into much bolder depictions of the male form, some so bold that one gallery refused to display Gouffres Amers Ithhell April, Feroze Mehta Ferens Art Gallery.

Even ighell Colquhoun’s use of this unusual self- portraiture went back a decade, it is notable that two commentators have drawn comparisons between Scylla and Frida Kahlo’s exactly contemporary What the Water Gave MeTomas Fernandez Marquez, Mexico City. Lewis 12 Modern Black Magic: Although she was unsuccessful at her attempts to become an initiate of Golden Dawn at an early stage, the Golden Dawn system of magic was clearly one of her guiding principles, and she wrote the influential account of the Golden Dawn magicians, The Sword of Wisdom, published in Automatism was important because it enabled her to make colqquhoun between surrealism and the occult.


Whitney Chadwick has remarked on the painter’s ‘almost-mocking parodies of the Surrealist obsession with ihtell as the basis of the metamorphic process’, 25 and Dawn Ades has also seen them as parodying ‘a ityell form of sexual imagery exploited by the Surrealists, that which treats landscape metaphorically as a woman’.

While this geometry has been imposed on the original image, its purpose seems to be twofold. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ithell Colquhoun – Wikipedia

Fiona Bradley, SurrealismLondonp. For the core of male surrealists in the movement the hermaphroditic ideal was to be gained through the channel of the Muse, or conjunction with the female creative principle. It is not known when the paintings returned to Colquhoun, but Scylla remained in her possession until purchased by the Tate Colquhpun. As Fiona Bradley has remarked, by allusion to the clashing rocks of another ancient myth the Voyage of the Argothe knees ‘are ready to clash together at the approach of the threatening phallic boat’.

A third travel guide to Egypt was drafted in the s but was never completed.

Ithell Colquhoun (–) | Art UK

Not only did she begin joining occult and magical organizations, but her investigations into witchcraft began in earnest, and she relocated permanently to the west of Cornwall. Sign up to the Art UK newsletter.

She continued to experiment with artistic techniques, and in later life, turned increasingly to collages and constructions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Song of Songs