Rem Koolhaas: Delirious New York: A Retrospective Manifesto for Manhattan ( ). A précis by Emma Watson Delirious New York: A. by. Rem Koolhaas. · Rating details · 2, ratings · 91 reviews. Since its original publication in , Delirious New York has attained mythic status. Back in. But for the next three months, Rem Koolhaas has the stage at the attention with the publication of his book “Delirious New York,” an.

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The inhabitants of Manhattan instantly discovered that they missed nature and wanted to recreate it. La mia prima ammirazione va per quello che fa. Thanks for your comment.

Koolhaas describes Elisha Otis’ elevator exhibit near rek turn of the century as ‘anticlimax as denouement’, where extreme disaster always looms, and the escape from it ren part of daily life. Published inKoolhaas proposed that the street grid system of Manhattan, as well as what he called the “Culture of Congestion”, developed with the culture of the koolhaa, feeding off each other until it was impossible to tell if the architecture created the culture or vise-versa.

Koolhaas then gives us a Surrealist take on how the form of the Skyscraper came to be. In the middle, the terrestrial globe was in a state of incubation, rising up in time with the development of ideas, with each block forming the pedestal. Books by Rem Koolhaas.

Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan by Rem Koolhaas

It’s got five-star moments, but Rem’s not a writer. The main thing I learned from this book is that architects have incredible freedom in establishing their own narratives.


Manhattan’s collective experiment in urbanism is controlled chaos. In the final part, practicality wins the day over Coney-esque Babylonian frenzy. Apr 23, Maxim rated it really liked it.

He has brought fame, attention and controversy to the profession — there is never a dull moment with Koolhaas. Rem definitely is a thinker. Before they were put to the service of making our material production more efficient, they were put to the primary task of blowing our minds. He goes on with twisted things like this that make NYC look less like the unintentional beauty of ruthless capitalism, and more like some crystaline realization of our strange side.

Delirious New York is also packed with intriguing and fun facts and illustrated with witty watercolors and quirky archival drawings, photographs, postcards, and maps.

It’s wonderful to read an analysis so grounded in the basic facts of life, yet stretched so far into the purely theoretical.

Using Maxim Gorky’s reflections of Coney Island to typify the over-intellectualism of practical city planning, Koolhaas states, “Gorky’s disgust represents the modern intellectual’s dilemma: The villains are officials and planners and Utopian architects who have largely been excluded in the population’s headlong rush toward the future, and who resent it.

Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan

Rem Koolhaas’s celebration and analysis of New York depicts the kpolhaas as a metaphor for the incredible v Since its original publication inDelirious New York has attained mythic status. Books Featured In This Story. Most books on Architecture these days talk about some bullshit ideas, but described through flowery yet complex words. Some architects are just a little to clever for their own good. Heard on All Things Considered.


Eric Kraft’s most recent novel is Flying. Then, the Rem Koolhaas’ ‘Delirious Celirious York’ is not merely a book on architecture, but an investigation into the psychology of what Koolhaas calls the ‘culture of congestion’ which served to influence ‘Manhattanism’—a philosophy to world-building which ushered the golden age of the skyscraper.

The Birth Of Manhattan? A ‘Delirious’ Story

Feb 03, Vanessa Wu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 15, Kathleen rated it liked it. The grid map ofThis was a wonderful book. Dec 28, Mike Polizzi rated it really liked it. Not too academic for people who didn’t study architecture, I loved to have the opportunity of reading it while I was living in NYC. A lot of it is about the Architecture and how it came to be. Not every chapter is captivating, but altogether it’s a very interesting history lesson on New York.

His most recent architectural work is the finally completed CCTV Tower in China, for which he has provided a long and detailed explanation on how it is the pinnacle of the theories he originally proposed in this book.