Aqualis Caleo high-temperature air-to-water heat pumps are specially .. As part of its policy of continual product improvement, CIAT reserves the right to make. AQUACIAT CALEO: the refurbishment solution suitable for both large homes and as those offered by CIAT´s Aqualis Caleo product – were limited to 20kw. Consult CIAT’s NAN brochure on MedicalExpo. Aqualis 2’s added benefits The Aqualis 2 heat pump from CIAT is the key AGEO CALEO – NAD.

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Compressor The compressor is fastened to the platform by four 8 mm dia.

Remove the top as shown in Figure 1 and make a connection to terminal block J1 on the PSU board the one with daleo contactor. Electrolyte couplings may be obtained from specialist distributors in the case of major corrosion problems.

Medium capacity air-to-water heat pump for “high temperature” heating only. If water installation capacity superior to the claeo indicated in the technical characteristics table chap 7. Access to level-2 installer settings For further information on reading and programming the terminal, refer to the manual provided with it.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. This packaged unit is designed to be caloe outdoors in urban environments. D e u t s ch Connection diagrams schematic diagrams AWG 16 to 28; or 0. Please contact your boiler manufacturer to find out whether the heating source is compatible with Microconnect control. Then check for any leaks.



Turn the terminal dial to one of the following positions: The analysis will reveal whether the water is suitable for use with the various materials it will come into contact with and prevent the formation of electrolytic couples: Clean the drain pan.

English The differential water pressure switch is a safety component. Then attach the mounting plate to a wall using the screws and anchor bolts or a flush-mount box 60 mm centre distance using the holes Fig. Depending on the geographic location and the type of mains network buried or aquaalisyou may have to install a cuat rod.

Setting P6 is used to configure the type of auxiliary installed.

Air/water heat pump / high-temperature – AQUACIAT CALEO – CIAT

Italiano – Three-way valve 54 6. Serves as a boiler backup in large homes and multi-residential buildings as well as businesses, hotels and healthcare facilities.

Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Faults are stored in memory during power cuts and the fault relay is stuck in a particular position. Controlled by dry contact J15 In hot water production mode heating, pool, frost protection or domestic hot water modes or when compressor turned off: Heating mode The compressor will start up after a few seconds.

NF C ckat France and are under the responsibility of the installer. The predominant problem with outdoor units is disturbance caused to the neighbourhood because of noise.


Electrical connection tightness check Outdoor coil cleaning Control check Differential water pressure switch Status of liquid sight glass and leak detection 44 5.

Its compact footprint makes it particularly suited for installation as a boiler backup on existing systems. If in doubt, have an analysis performed by an acoustical engineer. Compressor operation Indicator 5: Turned off in the following three cases: New generation hermetic scroll compressor with partial vapour injection and RC refrigerant. You may use refrigerants made with monopropylene glycol or a natural compound containing one or more corrosion inhibitors never use monopropylene glycol by itself; always mix it with cat inhibitors.


If so, the terminal may be located anywhere without affecting control see paragraph under table on page Minutes advance quickly when pressed and held. Frost protection indicator Bypass indicator. It is essential that they be fitted if the unit is installed on anti-vibration mounts. Activates only during the defrosting cycle. It is your responsibility to protect the unit from mains voltage spikes and voltage spikes caused by lightning.

Go to the CIAT website for more information. Check for any loose electrical connections.