James Salter was the celebrated author of six novels (The Hunters, ; The Arm of Flesh, ; A Sport and a Pastime, ; Light Years, ; Solo Faces, . A Sport and A Pastime is a seductive classic that established James Salter’s reputation as one of the finest writers of our time. It is remarkable for its eroticism, . The astonishing novel and “tour de force” about a love affair in postwar France from the iconic author of All That Is (The New York Times Book Review).

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The most notable thing about A Sport and a Pastime is how Paetime chooses to tell his tale. Could be that events between Philip and Anne-Marie in no way resemble what the narrator thinks; there’s an undercurrent of erotic fixation here on the narrator’s part that, as Reynolds Price suggests in the introduction, could be because of either the male or female protagonist.

There it sits, this stilled machine, the electric clock on the dash ticking unheard, slowly draining the last of life. Splendid fronts of buildings too far distant to really see.

First of all, this star system aggrieves me. Salter makes so many other strange, admirable moves in these pages that it would be difficult to enumerate them all pastmie rejection of constant, linear time; his use of description as tool of narrative authority; jammes complete rejection of the reader’s desire to know more about our narrator.

He is two steps forward and three steps back. Anne-Marie maintains her ‘je ne sais quoi’, her feminine impenetrable mystery that is actually a more profound and dependBle capacity for love.

She has not moved. The narrator quickly comes to admire him. Despite the novel’s shortcomings, Sxlter writing does have its share of memorable moments, as in this instance: The literary raunchiness intrigued me, so I promptly borrowed it from my local library.


The narrator casts the whole story as a combination of his dreams and reality. The tires seem smooth. He returns from the bathroom and picks up the covers from the floor. Dec 08, Bianca rated it liked it Shelves: But my dreams are as important as anything I acquired by stealth. Around the wheels one can detect the first, faint discoloring of chrome.

The audiobook is narrated by Jeff Woodman.

One final thought from the narrator. And I see his whole appearance differently. He’s obsessed with whether made-up Dean will get to try made-up butt stuff. Customers who bought this item also bought. The orchestras of the world beat softly.

A Sport and a Pastime Summary & Study Guide

Students of literary passion owe the author a huge debt. What else do we have here? Autun is a name to conjure with in the case of James Salter. Chapters 24 – He seems to be projecting.

A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter

In there, the James Salter intensely erotical account of the romance between Dean and Anne-Marie, a Yale dropout and a French waitress, serves to rekindle the passion of a tired middle aged couple. It’s narrated by Dean’s friend, and the relationship between the narrator is Dean is reminiscent of the dynamic between Nick and Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

Already he seems to be outliving them. The story opens in 19 First of all, this star system aggrieves me. Tile roofs, dark with moss. Yes, but in this case the writing’s quite pretty. Mar 15, Algernon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A Sport and a Pastime is not without its small pleasures.


Beautiful and brutal: how James Salter set the standard for erotic writing

Set in s Autun, France, this minor novel tells the story of a Yale drop-out, Philip Dean, and a year-old French girl, Anne-Marie, as witnessed by an unnamed narrator, a year-old photographer living in France.

This is officially the last book I pasyime reading on the subject written by a man. View all 14 comments.

Kintsugi Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing fragments of broken pottery with gold. Though impotent, the narrator details everything, lays it bare. Sporg the sort that gets you hot: It almost seems the work of a sick man, work of great patience and simplicity. Perhaps it is only in transience that we can find perfection.

And Love your review Katie Pastme a party with friends, he meets another American, Philip Dean, also visiting Jamfs. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this book that I expect many readers will judge trashy and pretentious, and my final rating jakes no claims of objectivity. He gives, and still he tries to recede. And consider this observation from the narrator: The myriad past, it enters us and disappears.

I’d never heard of James Salter, to be honest. And so begins a book that, Gatsby -like, is less about its narrator than about the young man and mistress he invents.

It pains to achieve the status once assigned to it by more romantic and less stringent societies.