Velká sbírka diagramů – mnohotažek. Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. diagramů s řešením. Publikuje ŠK Řemdih Strmilov. Satis ce. Vavříny vždy unikly . In Reinfeld’s Brilliant Checkmates problem 95, in the queen sac section, can’t White just play. 1. Ng3+ Kh4 (forced). 2. Nf3+ Kg4 (forced). 3. h3#. Fred Reinfeld (—) is said to be the most successful and prolific chess writer of all time, being associated with over one-hundred titles. His books on.

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It seems to work in the most recent versions. Qf4 and the given solution is 1. December 11, at 1: January 2, at 9: June 21, at 6: February 7, at 4: And i am glad reading your article. Qd1 is much quicker.

But in some puzzles there are better moves. To me that seems a very strange move for black, the best move for black is Qxh4 taking white Queen and then all white checkmats is gone.

July 6, at 7: No, Rd8 will be followed by …Bxd8 and white is still able to win the game, but it will take a lot more moves to perform the mate. July 6, at He was best known, however, for his many books on chess.


Brilliant Checkmates #95 – Chess Forums –

December 4, at In Sacrifices and Combinations, chdckmates goal is to gain advantage and push toward victory, not necessarily to checkmate the King. February 11, at 3: I am not able to go through it again even if I note down the number. January 17, at 7: December 17, at 9: I think those pharaohs were Egyptian. February 17, at 8: These two billiant are companion volumes and together cover a full range of tactical chess issues.

I think this is one of the most important info for me.

December 19, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. July 15, at 8: June 15, at 6: I love puzzles so much. Well how about for one of many: July 6, at 4: Yes, but then Black will capture your queen.

Brilliant Ways to Checkmate (21st Century Edition)

November 5, at The problem I have is: Some Arabs said they invented it first. Proudly powered by WordPress. October 12, at 5: His two most famous books are the two briliant under review, with new algebraic editions of these classics just out from Russell Enterprises. July 29, at This site uses cookies. Where do I get this Widget?


1001 Brilliant Checkmates #95

August 1, at December 15, at 9: But looking at the diagram indeed a faster mate exists: November 7, at 3: January checkmages, at 4: January 2, at 3: So, am I supposed to plan everything out before I play the first move?

January 20, at 6: Originally the puzzle is a mate in three exercise. July 29, at 6: These books were fantastically popular with American players of a certain age, and both titles went through dozens of printings over the years.

So, checkmages object of this chheckmates is to add to your knowledge, to make you a strong chessplayer, and last but not least to delight you with some of the most beautiful moves ever played on the chessboard. Thnx for these puzzles.

December 7, at 8: