Home · Documents; The Hefferlin Manuscript 01 – A Description of Rainbow City From the Hefferlin Manuscript (Hollow Earth). The Hefferlin Manuscript was published in October Amazing Stories. This is (or was) a science fiction magazine. Comments from the. By Gladys Hefferlin, from The Hefferlin Manuscript. Controlled Mental Communication was the means by which I gathered information from Emery for our articles.

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Both speak aloud to answer Emery.

Hefferlin Manuscript, page 1

At the fifth lower level of the underground city is the main depot and traffic office and dispatcher system that controls the entire network of train tunnels throughout the world. And for this, we here in Livingston, Montana are contributing our little bit in the only way that we can at this time. Hefferlin buy a good book on radio and electricity and learn a little about the subject before he writes any more articles No one can buy his way into Rainbow City.

Contrary to fiction writer’s ideas, there is no outward change in appearance. And they were also told that the Ancient Three were with the man who would become the conqueror of the Japanese. There are some entrances in the interior of certain remote islands. Tremendous in size and appearance are the wondrous temples of learning, each located in the heart of each of the seven cities of that fabulous ancient past, from the beginning of our Mankind on this planet earth.

They settled in Antarctica and built seven great cities there, modeled after the cities on Mars; each had a distinctive color and was called the Nanuscript City or the Blue City or the Red City.

August – Southern Adventist Employee Picnic These hrfferlin were used to transport these material substances between earth hefferli the moon. The so-called Flying Saucers were a group of these ships. Great wars were fought and slowly Mankind lost ground. They now bathe their vicinity and above hefrerlin cold vibrations. The Rainbow City of the Antarctic continent lies almost due south of a point midway between south of India and the land mass of Australia.


And all of the forty-eight states of the United States follow the same foreign policy. It took the grandest kind of faith in the Ancient Three, for the Egyptians to obey blindly, with every evidence against obeying. But as time passed the ancients realized Mars was dying—its oxygen and water were slowly dying. Farm machinery is powered by a radium-like substance contained in small boxes. The dream of all mankind as a child and often when grown, when gazing into the heavens, has been to explore the far reaches of space and the stars, some day.

We heffdrlin got in touch with him and he was very glad of it. Television viewing with soul included made the other important actions of these rooms possible. Do we have a contradiction here from the earlier statement? They, living in a great city made from rainbow-colored plastics, the only accessible city, one of seven, six of which are now covered by ice ten thousand feet deep.

The survivors of the disaster abandoned the great cities to settle in the hrfferlin of the north, and after thousands of years of adversity they lost their technological knowledge.

The vegetables, although different in appearance from our common varieties, served much the same purpose. In other words, the hand would appear out of thin air, to the vision of anyone on the outside of the Portal.

The search for power, speed, control, has been long and rarely fruitful those many years. It had begun back in the early thirties, when W. Here they built seven cities each of a different colour but Rainbow City, the greatest of them all, was made up of all of the colours of the rainbow. Successful curriculum change demands At some time during the migration periods across galaxies of space, the race of snakes or lizard-like species was encountered.


Both regretted the lost contact.

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Two years ago Russian explorers made a surface dash from the manuscdipt to the Pole in manuacript area, were they looking for Rainbow City? The saying often referred to in history that there were giants in those days could well have applied here; for everything is of larger than to us normal size, as though the average man height in those days was about 75 feet tall. For color in those days seemed to have had a meaning. The bomb size is about the diameter of a grape fruit and weight about five pounds, and will pulverize an area of about five city blocks.

Under their guidance of the Ancient Three the colony flourished mightily.

And where is this city? No one is a freak of any sort. Thirty-nine of the group are American ex-pilots of the China-Burma-India theater before the United States entered the war. In the human Ruler’s apartments on the fifth level or floor above ground, well concealed in the wall of the living room of each compartment, is a small closet-like room. Later, they, with their families, were moved by Portal to Rainbow City. In “Isis Unveiled” H. Here in this city there are no apartment houses or tenements, no crowding, hrfferlin house has a spacious lot for flower gardens and lawns.

That is the pattern of the Arabian League also, and that will be the pattern of all the world eventually.

Those things are sacred to each state. Controlled static electricity for light and heat. Here is one example: