The last time I was in touch with Gino Casassa, a glaciologist, I was working on a story about the dangers of Glofs in Patagonia and worldwide. Radio-echo sounding of Tyndall Glacier, southern Patagonia. Gino CASASSA. Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geological Sciences, The Ohio. Gino is Chilean PhD in Glaciology and Director of the Glaciological Department at the Magellan University in Punta Arenas, Chile. He has been climbing for.

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The scientist community had to convince themselves of this fact, and that was two decades ago. Some Russian scientists proposed in a study that the sun would fade out and that would cause local glaciations.

How can we improve this situation?

Industrial use of the parks is legally unacceptable, so they are protected. It points to further acceleration of the mass loss of many glaciers.

The president of the Republic called us and guno were welcomed at La Moneda Palace, headquarters of the government presidency in Chile… It was a great honor to take part in all that.

Professor Casassa, researcher at the Antarctic and Subantarctic Program Direction of the University of Magallanes Chiledescribes himself as a lover of the environment, glaciers and high peaks. Research data in the Patagonian ice fields show that from to the rate of thinning was more than double what it was from and the trend only continues.

We have to interact with the environment, and we are more and more every day. It was during the International Geophysical Year AGIa great period for the knowledge of the planet, with the first precise measurements of the rise of carbon dioxide in the planet the known Keeling curveetc. Inventory of glaciers in isla Riesco, Patagonia, Chile, based on aerial photography and satellite imagery more. And that little will help glaciers to grow in the upper areas, but in the lower areas, where the temperatures are having an effect, the ice melt is increasing.


Glaciers and climate change: Interview with Gino Casassa | Patagonia´s Magazine: Patagon Journal

We have to be honest with our own projects, fasassa consultancies made to the government, companies, private organizations, etc. Consultant of the company Geoestudios, the main consultant agency on glaciological studies in Chile, Gimo discovered the beauty of the world of ice thanks to his dad, a great mountain climber and member of the alpine Italian troops that brought the love for mountains to his family.

We present a glacier inventory of the Gink made up by 27 drainage basins in The run-off increase within these basins is closely related to observed temperature rise, indicating that there is an unequivocal signal of enhanced glacier melting under the present warming trends.

Retreat of Glaciar Tyndall, Patagonia, over the last half-century more. He has been studying glaciers in Patagonia for more than three decades, with more than 15 scientific expeditions to gnio Patagonian Icefields since The effect of the volcanoes, for example, is restricted to the cooling of the climate in the Earth in periods of time guno longer than two years in the last centuries.

Current status of Andean glaciers more. As long as that happens, the precipitation will increase as well. And what about the African continent, where future wars will be about water? Science is questionable and lots of gjno sceptical people ask questions hard to answer. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research. Most of these glaciers flow into floating ice shelves over bedrock up to hundreds of meters deeper than previous estimates, providing exit routes for ice from further inland if ice-sheet collapse is under way.

We present a glacier inventory of the GCN made up by 27 drainage basins in total All of this is happening —slowly- in Chile.

  DIN 66230 PDF

Gino Casassa

Geodetic determination of relative plate motion and crustal deformation across the Scotia-South America plate boundary in eastern Tierra del Fuego more. We are scientists, we are working, supporting, helping creating a regulation based on scientific data, and that affects companies that are related to the environment. Atmospheric warming and enhanced melting of glaciers is already resulting in changes in the glacial contribution to run-off in mountain basins around the world.

Relict flow stripes on the Ross Ice Shelf more. We are in one planet, an only environment, we are more than million people and each one of us can do something. Argentina has gone a step further casasxa approving a glacier law. But these measures are not enough yet. Global ggino Planetary Change. We just submitted with some colleagues a paper to a journal where we compare more recent surface elevation data from from a German satellite, Tandem X, with the NASA Space Caasassa Data from the year I think a major step was done years ago when both countries declared the ice fields as national parks.

When it comes to matters of environment regulation, could Chile be a reference for other countries with similar problems? We have the capacity to do it.

Casassa, 59, who is also an avid mountaineer and rock climber, currently works at Geoestudios in Santiago and as a researcher at the University of Magallanes in Punta Arenas. Airborne laser altimetry survey of Glaciar Tyndall, Patagonia more.

Yes, and it is a pity.