6 Dastan-e-ameerHamzaBook07ShehzadaSheharYaar Dastan – e – Ameer Hamza URDU Identifier Dastan-E-AmeerHamzaUrdu. Dastan-e-Amir Hamza Collection / داستان امیر حمزہ سیریز has ratings and 11 reviews. Rao said: Hafsa said: It was a fanciful journey in my chi. The Hamzanama was one of the earliest important commissions by the third Mughal emperor Akbar (r–). It tells the story of the adventures of Amir H.

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Abi Talib and other heroes of early Islam.

Hamza was killed in the battle of Uhud by a slave Sufiyan. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The terms are often used dasttan. According to Badauni and Shahnawaz Khan the work of preparing the illustrations was supervised initially by Mir Sayyid Ali and subsequently by Abdus Amr, the former possibly being replaced as head of the workshop because the pace of production was too slow.

Sira was marked with biographical details to glorify the heroics of tribal warriors. Archived from the original on On august 21,he writes to the nawab of Rampur: These volumes were created in Lucknow from the s into the early s, and became the crown jewels of Urdu narrative fiction. The resulting volumes were so popular that more and more were published, until the whole cycle ran to an astonishing 46 very large volumes.

Story telling thrived as a tradition in India. For the compilers of this cycle, the historical existence of the Persian Empire was of importance…The Persian emperor is advised to get help from Mecca, and from then on the cycle concerns itself with the eclipse of Persian power and the rise of that of the Arabs.

He embraced Islam two years after the first revelation. The Ozidi Saga from Africa is introduced as having no fixed text.

Tehran coffee-houses held the performances of Hamza story till the twentieth century. Apart from the dastam, it included full page Mughal miniatures of an unusually large size, nearly all painted on paper, which were then glued to a cloth backing.


A wonderful read, treasure, stories of my childhood, I can read it bamza and over and over. Much before the advent of short stories and novels we come across the voluminous literature of dastans and hikayats in Urdu.

A page of the Dastan-i Amir Hamza (Hamzanama) – Mughal — Google Arts & Culture

The degree of assimilation varies to the datan that it may not be clear whether the common denominators are of greater importance than the differences. Added to your favorites Removed from your favorites.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The same can be said about stories in Baluchi called nakl.

Dastan-e-Amir Hamza

Faruqi, the foremost living authority on these Dastans and the only person to possess a full set of all the 46 volumes, and the performers. What Sajjad Hosain is trying to say here has always been said by practicing dastangos repeatedly. Between them, these two manuscripts are the key works in the formation of the Mughal miniature style.

Shahnamah found expression as an oral narrative which is narrated and qmir by a storyteller or a Naqqal Naqqal tells as well as performs the story. The advent of Islam revolutionized the genre and tradition of sira which mushroomed into a significant literary form and acquired status of a genre for religious writings employed by Muslim writers and scholars to articulate the biography of Prophet Muhammad.

As soon as you want to nail the fact of a fiction it dodges, evades, and eludes you. The dastan storytelling namza about Amir Hamza persists far and wide up to Bengal and Arakan Burmaas the Mughals controlled those territories.

Umar escapes from bondage daetan shaves the beard from Kamran’s face Dxstan similar person. Murtaza Pracha rated it liked it Feb 27, The current performance is therefore merely an exploration of an Art form which, astonishingly in a culture where poetry was regarded as the supreme art, was considered by some to be of a higher order than poetry itself. Asif Qazi rated it really liked it Oct 18, Dastangoi Dastangoi is the performative narration of dastans.

For an audience who enjoyed the battle of Tangier, it was doubtless not much more difficult to accept that Hamza reaches Abyssinia through the barrier of darkness separating it from the jinn of Jabal Qaf….


After Humayun, Akbar continued this work in his tenure. The book is divided into four chapters. The colophon of this manuscript is still missing.

Dastan-e-Amir Hamza Collection / داستان امیر حمزہ سیریز

The Hamzanama was one of the most popular of smir epics recited by bards across the Indo-Islamic world, and its characters and plots, incorporating folk tales and myths, and its rollicking style have provided inspiration for many stories subsequently visualised in Asian art.

Two brothers pick up an elephant on the field; Farrukhnizhad goes, picks the elephant up, and converts them to Islam Depicts same location. Retrieved 11 August hamzw This volume comprises of four books.

Quoted in Thomson, Alistair. It is usually performed orally by a pair of storytellers or dastangos but it could be solo as well before an audience. The copies of Sabras were handwritten as the printing press had not yet reached India at that time.

The dastans remain unchanged, only the mode of delivery has been improvised upon. Besides the stories, the characters also quote various epigrammatic verses to make their point. Mohammad Wasim its available at amazon.

As the stories moved from Indo-Persian into Urdu, their popularity increased; by the later s oral dastan-go’i, or romance recitation, was enjoyed by aristocrats and commoners alike.

The Hamzah romance turns out to be the most popular one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hamza had the reputation of being the strongest man of the tribe of Banu Hashim and fiercely protected his nephew against his enemies from dwstan tribe of Quraish.

The work was bound in 14 volumes. The size of the commission was completely unprecedented, and stretched even the huge imperial workshop. Pritchettwho has also helped to check the readability of the scanned volumes and to fix various problems.