Title, Cryptanalysis of the HFE Public Key Cryptosystem by Relinearization. Booktitle, Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO ’99, 19th Annual International. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cryptanalysis of the HFE Public Key Finally, we develop a new relinearization method for solving such systems for any. Finally, we develop a new relinearization method for solving such systems for any constant ffl? Cryptanalysis of the HFE Public Key Cryptosystem ().

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Therefore, we cannot hope to derive linearization equations from the modified HFE scheme. Forwe set where all the coefficients are relinearizatikn for. In this paper we consider Patarin’s Hidden Field Equations HFE scheme, which is believed to be one of the strongest schemes of this type.

Algebraic Cryptanalysis of GOST Encryption Algorithm

The computational costs are at least bit operations, according to the results given on page in [ 2 ]. Table of Contents Alerts.

We denote the inverse of map as. We analyze the security of the proposed Cryptosystrm modified encryption scheme. Symmetric-key algorithm Block cipher Stream cipher Public-key cryptography Cryptographic hash function Message authentication code Random numbers Steganography.

We observe relinearuzation the equation can be used to further destroy the special structure of the underlying central map of the HFE scheme. The construction admits a standard isomorphism between the extension field and the vector space ; namely, for an elementwe have.

So under the algebraic attacks, the proposed modification HFE encryption scheme can obtain a security level of 80 bits under the suggested parameters. Performance and Comparisons To make a comparison between the proposed HFE cryptoosystem and the original HFE schemes in a uniform platform, we consider the HFE scheme defined over and its extension field.


If ; then we output as the plaintext. It can be easily seen that both the modified and the original HFE schemes share a common secret key and decryption algorithm. Relinearizatoin using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Building Secure Public Key Encryption Scheme from Hidden Field Equations

Advanced Search Include Citations. Algebraic Attacks Basic Idea. We define the quadratic part of asnamely, forNote that can be expressed as homogeneous quadratic polynomials over the base field ; then cryptosyatem application of two linear transformations on the input and output of will also relinearisation homogeneous quadratic polynomials over the base field.

The plain version of HFE is considered to be practically broken, in the sense that secure parameters lead to an impractical scheme. We represent the published system of multivariate polynomials by a single univariate polynomial of a special form over an extension field, and use it to reduce the cryptanalytic problem to a system of fflm 2 quadratic equations in m variables over the extension field.

Please help ceyptosystem this section by adding citations to reliable sources. However, some simple variants of HFE, such as the minus variant and the vinegar variant allow one to strengthen the basic HFE against all known attacks. Then we merge the coefficients of the square and linear terms ofthat is, forand get the public key of the modified HFE scheme, namely, quadratic polynomialswhere, telinearizationThe secret key consists of, and.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Firstly, we define an HFE map in 1 and randomly choose two invertible affine transformations and. Multivariate cryptography has been very productive in terms of design and cryptanalysis. The plaintext space is. The original HFE scheme [ 5 ] works on any field and its extension.


So the computational overhead is about bit operations. Then two invertible affine transformations are applied to hide the special structure of the central map [ 25 ]. By doing this, we can impose a fully nonlinear transformation on the central map of reilnearization HFE encryption scheme.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In addition to HFE, J. Linearization equations attack [ 18 ] was found by Patarin on the Matsumoto-Imai scheme [ 19 ]. The proposed method is a universal padding scheme and hence can be used to other multivariate cryptographic constructions. Security We analyze the security of the proposed HFE modified encryption scheme.

Thus we have some additional equations that associate with the plaintext ; namely, forwe have. Note thatresp.

The modified HFE decryption recovers the plaintext by peeling off the composition one by one from the leftmost side. Retrieved from ” https: Notations Let be a -order finite field with being a prime power. Thus we can easily verify that So we get.

Multivariate cryptography

The encryption scheme consists of three subalgorithms: Linearization Equations Attack Basic Idea. Note that the Frobenius maps for defined over are -linear; namely, when expressed in the base fieldwill be -dimensional linear functions over.

However, we can derive the field equations from the equations. Solving systems of multivariate polynomial equations is proven to be NP-hard or NP-complete.